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Chak 51 – Your Desi Food Junction


All the foodies of the town are being invited at the most cultural as well as the colorful restaurant of the town has almost every desi taste in it. Chak 51 is located at Civic Center, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Punjab.

Chak 51

The restaurant has the most vibrant décor one could ever imagine.

As for as it is concerned about the seating area, this joint has both indoor and outdoor and even a semi-outdoor seating area 350+ people can dine in at a time.

Each seating place is covered with its own unique theme. For example, one area covers a section where you can have Ludo designs and Truck stations. As the name suggests “Chak 51”, the theme exactly match the name of the restaurant. There you can enjoy a full time desi touch even in the interior.

chak 51 hotel

Kite roofs and Bengal lights, clay pot lights, dholkis hanging from the ceiling have been added to the décor of the restaurant so that one may feel more at a desi spot.

chak 51 hotel in lahore

So, if you are in the mood of not only enjoying your food but also having some fun or something worth sparing a glance at, then this spot is best for you to visit at least once. And you are surely going to love it and the desi beauty that it carries.

desi restaurant in lahore


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