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Chaye Thana – A Jail Themed Cafe


Chaye Thana
Ever since the concept of the themed restaurant has become the trend of the town, people came up with different ideas and concepts that will entice the audience’ mood and attention. With the discovery of new and innovative ideas, the food market has expanded to a certain able range.

The trend of the themed restaurant goes exactly with the discovery of “Chaye Thana” where you can witness yourself the proceedings of a jail. You are going to love the interior.

Chaye Thana cafe
A place giving extreme resemblance to a jail/Thana has become popular among the masses as they are curious to know what exactly happened at the jail. They are tempted towards an environment which mainly aims at making you feel like a prisoner.

The restaurant which is located in Lahore at Shop No. 47, Sector Q, Phase 2, DHA, Sector Q DHA Phase 2, Lahore, Punjab 54810, will arrest you with its unique ambiance.
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Even the uniform of the waiters resembles the clothes worn by the prisoners. Metal bars have been set in the restaurant to make it a complete jail. You’ll encounter an FIR in the form of a bill. It’s interesting. The restaurant is already taking my heart. Customers are quite happy with this out-of-the-box concept.
Chaye Thana in Lahore

Board games have been set inside the café to pass time until your food is ready. With interrogation lights over food tables and barbed wires on the walls of the restaurant, have set the restaurant at the next-level. The place surely guarantees a visit.
Do let your friends know about this jail-themed restaurant and planned a visit here next time.

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