Check your FBR online tax Profile for Rs.500



FBR has successfully launched a system for online tax profiles to check the audit of assets. It is developed with the help of National Database and Registration Authority. 

Syed Shabbar Zaidi while talking with media disclosed that now we have data of almost 53 million users. Individuals can see their tax profile online but the privacy issue is really secure and safe.

This online tax portal has not many obstacles or requirements because it asks you verification in a couple of simple steps.

The user needs two things:

  1. Valid CNIC number
  2. Mobile Number

Users can view their financial profiles after putting the code into tax portal. This secret code always comes from FBR in the registered mobile phone numbers. So, make sure it’s with you and working properly.

The last requirement is that you need to pay Rs. 500 either via e-sahulat as well as with the debit/credit card. This is very effective systems as this also allows users to see the transactions that had been executed by the users.

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