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Cheekh – After Mannat’s mother, Wajih is now Intimidating Ramzan Chacha


‘Cheekh’ drama serial has become of the most loved drama serial owing to its interesting plot and unique storyline. The depiction of Wajih in the drama serial ‘Cheekh’ is that of a wild beast who has no fears and cuts everybody down who comes on his way.

The episode starts with Mannat finding out her mother locked in the store room.  She got panic after hearing her mother’s story that how Wajih has locked her inside the store room.

She went straight at Wajih’s residence and started beating him up with her hands and shouting at him for showing such low standard.

She also yells at Yawar for supporting his ‘Bheria’ brother who is a murderer. However, Shayan soon over comes her and they both went away.
Cheekh drama serial

Haya, on the other hand, is stuck between whom to choose. She has her brother at one side whom she started suspected from now onwards. The way he lied. She recalled when Asad told her that he is a liar. She also thinks about Mannat and finally realized that she was wrong and Mannat is right. She went to her house where Shayan told her that she is going to be a Phuphoo. She becomes happy and soon things got settled down between the two friends.

Yawar finds out the truth that he still can’t be a father. While his wife has told him that she is pregnant that made him furious and he divorced her and asked her to leave the house. After stating in front of the family that he is infertile and blames Shehwar for this she replied to him that she has done the same. However, he was not convinced and in his rage, he has eventually divorced her.

Haya reported the entire matter to Mannat who stresses the incident and was taken to the hospital. She has been advised bed rest for a few days and her lawyer apologizes for her absent from the court. However, the court proceedings were going on where Ramzan Chacha was being called to witness the crime of Wajih.

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