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Cheekh – Depiction of male characters


Cheekh drama serial has been gaining popularity with each passing episode. The storyline and the acting are what keep people hooked to the show. The depiction of male characters in the show has put a lot into perspective about how it has been written.

Those who are regular viewers of the show will be certainly aware of all the male characters in the play and the way they differ from each other. Each represents some ideas and thoughts about being a typical male.

In most of the drama serial, we have seen the role assigned to the men are quite problematic. Men are meant to be tough, angry and unable to show compassion and empathy- they are often shown as ‘angry’ and controlling.

Cheekh does mix in a more liberal understanding of this concept, and each brother in the show represents a different meaning of the masculinity.

Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih represents a typical angry young man.

He is the youngest of all and of course the ‘ladla’ one also. He is one of those characters who won’t listen to anybody and do whatever he wants to do without the consent of his elder brother Yawar who love him like his own son. After Nayab’s murder, Mannat proved to be a problem for him. She questions him, she probes him and she’s unmoving in her aim of having justice for Nayab. Wajih shows no guilt for his crime. This toxic masculinity cannot begin to comprehend why his brother Shayan won’t remove Mannat from the family.

Yawar is an example of typical Patriarch and a fatherly figure

Yawar is the eldest one and has taken the responsibility of keeping his family together no matter what happens. And we have found him quite responsible for being so concerned about his family. The only drawback in his character is that he blindly loves and follows his brother Wajih because it is in the best interests of the family. Yawar is quick to dismiss Mannat as a ‘bad woman’ and someone not worthy of their family and their honor while also knowing the truth that this is all shit. Mannat is not a characterless woman.

In recent episodes, we have witnessed the truth behind Shehwar’s apparent infertility. Yawar doesn’t want her to go to the doctors because in doing so she will encounter the truth about her infertility. Basically, it is Yawar and not Shehwar who is Infertile. Rather than facing this, he passed it on to his wife and uses it to impose his power over her further.cheekh story

Shayan the most loving and sensible man

The character depiction of Shayan has a lot more to discuss in this show. Unlike his brothers, he is quite loving and caring for his wife. He supports her. He doesn’t believe in the rumors which vilify Mannat’s character. He stands against injustice. Fight for Nayab along with his wife against his own brothers.

Shayan’s masculinity seems to be the most secure of all his brothers. His inclusion as a main character in this show is still fairly new, however, he has won hearts and caused quite a bit of a ruckus in the storylines.

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