Cheekh episode 11

Cheekh episode 11 – Mannat’s irresistible character, causing troubles for Wajih Miyan


Cheekh drama serial
Wajih Miyan is in big trouble as Bhabhi Mannat is on her marks to give the devil his due.
In the previous episode, we have seen that Mannat has fired an FIR against Wajih and police arrested him on the charge of molesting Nayab and later on killing her. The recent episode, reveals Wajih’s growing hatred for Mannat. He vows to take revenge from Mannat for his two-nights spent in jail but in his own way. He was seen losing temper at many times. Baray Bhayia Khawar has somehow, managed to get a bail tender for Wajih.
Cheekh full episode 11
Mannat is all determined to give Wajih his due for committing such a shameful act and she will leave no stone unturned to give justice to Nayab and her family. The confidence and passion in her eyes when she spoke to Wajih, facing him eye to eye was very intense as she has no fear of losing his home or family. The only thing she is up to now is to punish Wajih.

Haya’s fiancé has broken his engagement with Mannat stating that he doesn’t want to have any relationship with a family like this. Wajih found a chance to vilify Mannat’s character and spew venom in Haya’s ears that her fiancé was having an illicit relationship with Mannat and that is the reason Mannat is teasing him and destroying his career.

Towards the end of the episode, we see Shayan’s arrival in the house. Both Wajih and Khawar manipulated him against his wife after presenting a negative impact of Mannat. In his room, he didn’t even greet his wife. Will he support his wife or his family? The next episode is going to reveal everything.

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