Cheekh episode 12

Cheekh episode 12 – Shayan supports Mannat, despite family pressures


Cheekh Drama serial

Another episode of the drama cum psychological thriller Cheekh went on air, and what happened? We are completely baffled at the current happenings. The story has intensified all the more.
In the last episode, we have seen Shayan’e entry into the house. Apparently, Wajih is not happy but he shows as if Shayan will set everything for him. After vilifying Mannat’s character before Shayan, the family is now asking him to divorce her. However, he is not ready to do so even when Mannat openly permits him to leave her as she doesn’t have any complaints against him.

Wajih is now even using his sister in his dirty games. She even doesn’t think for a second that neither her friend nor will her fiancé do that. Even Haya’s elder sister in law doesn’t believe the rubbish that Wajih has spoken about Mannat’s character. However, she has to take sides of her family.

Unlike others, he was not believing the trash his family is trying to put in his mind. He tries to sort the things out through dialogues, however, his elder brother clearly given him two ways, either he has to choose his family or Mannat.

Towards the end of the episode, we have seen Wajih, threatening and torturing Mannat as usually. While speaking about Nayab that he has broken her arms, his elder sister in law have heard the whole conversation and shocked to hear that Wajih is the culprit and Mannat was right.
What Wajih is now going to do? Will he spare his elder sister in law? Whether she is going to stand out with Mannat or not? Stay tuned to get more information about the serial.

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