Cheekh Episode 19

Cheekh Episode 19 Review


With the very beginning of the episode, we witnessed how Wajih’s lawyer has been cold towards Ramzan, the father of Nayab. The question answer section actually disturbs him and it seems that he may not be able to answer all of the questions asked by the defense lawyer.

Whereas on the other hand, Mannat was quite upset with her mother’s poor health conditions. After checking her blood pressure she goes to the medical store to take medicines for her. Wajih who was perhaps following her comes on her way and started teasing her. She ran away and suddenly fell down which resulted in her miscarriage later one.

saba qamar ran away

Wajih again warned her to step back as he will not spare her as soon as she is connected with the case. However, we have been shown later on that doctor told Shayan that Mannat is fine however they have lost their baby which deeply hurt Shayan. She sympathizes with him stating that God will bestow his blessings upon them once again.

Poor Shayan is grief-stricken. While meeting Mannat, he came to know the truth about her miscarriage. She told him that it was Wajih who has killed their innocent unborn baby. She is in a state of trauma. Shayan consoles her.

Later on, we have witnessed how Yawar was regretting her decision of divorcing Shehwar. However, Wajih again shows his carelessness having no concerns about the problems of his elder brother.

Yawar asked Haya to take some sweets at Shayan’s place to congratulate him. She does the same however after reaching the hospital she realizes that Wajih has killed her nephew as well. She consoles Mannat like a sister. The whole scene is so melancholic that even as an audience we have felt the grief of both Mannat and Shayan.

People are actually feeling sorry for both of them,

Shayan took his little champ’s sandals to Yawar’s house and explained to him that he has bought these even when he was not married. He was so fond of babies. By the end of the episode, Shayan revealed that Wajih has killed his happiness. He has killed his unborn child. After hearing the shocking news Yawar is all lost and shocked as well.

The question that rise in many minds now is that will Yawar still support Wajih for his evil intentions and bad tactics that he is playing to defeat Mannat? Or will he put an end to it?


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