Cheekh Episode 21 Review

Cheekh Episode 21 Review—Mannat loses hope


Well, going around with the current story of Cheekh, people are obsessed with its delayed justice and the trials which are not ending for Mannat. She has been seen suffering a lot of hell in her way to justice.

The episode starts with Mannat’s lawyer seeking a forensic test of Wajih. However, the defense lawyer tried to manipulate the judge but on the request of the prosecutor, the judge ordered for a forensic test of Wajih.

Wajih is now all-time furious and worried about the tests. He knew that he is the culprit and the tests will surely prove him the one who is guilty. However, his lawyer calmed him down after saying that he has to submit 10 lacs immediately in order to get the desired results. Wajih agrees.

His lawyer himself is a criminally minded person. He is now planning something odd against Mannat to which Yawar didn’t agree at first but later on, Wajih took over him stating that it is necessary otherwise they will lose the case.
In this week’s episode, we have witnessed how she loses faith and hope in her case. She is heartbroken. She doesn’t want to fight more. After her miscarriage things are certainly changed for her. However, Shayan is there to help her out. He requests her to take courage as she now has to fight for his baby as well. He wants justice for his child just the way Ramzan Chacha wants justice for his daughter. That actually helped and Mannat once again mastered the courage to fight for the departed souls.

On the other hand, Haya is all confused about the happenings. Her heart is not willing to accept the truth but her mind reminds her of all those things which pointed out that it is none other than Wajih who is guilty.

As a regular viewer of this drama serial, I am not enjoying the current scenario. The team has exaggerated this serial a bit too much that we are actually feeling bored to watch less development in the show.
The next episode revealed how Mannat was being sent to a mental asylum which clearly shows that the serial is seriously lacking pace and going in the wrong direction. It has been 21 episodes and still we are not witnessing a slight chance of justice for Nayab. People are obsessed with this plot.
The writer and the cast should definitely put a full stop to all this stuff going on in the drama serial.

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Cheekh Episode 21 Review - LogicalBaat
The episode starts with Mannat’s lawyer seeking a forensic test of Wajih.
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