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Well, there is a controversy going on the internet about the recent episodes of Cheekh drama serial. There is a handful of people who are considering that the development of the show is quite unnecessary. Well, I am at poles apart from their opinion. In my view, the recent episode was quite artistically handled which actually surprised the audience of the show.

Let me give you an example. I am a regular viewer of this drama serial. And from the very first episode just like others, I have also started making assumptions about the culprit. And when it was revealed, we as the audience were quite sure for a devastating end of Wajih.

Ever since the court proceedings started, we knew that eventually, Wajih will meet his end. But wait! There’s a twist in the plot. In the recent episode of the drama serial, the court has given its final verdict declaring Wajih as the innocent. That was quite shocking for the audience and indeed a smart step by the team to hook the audience into it.

The show started with court proceeding and ended at Mannat being trapped into the mental asylum. Everything happened for a cause and it was necessary to put Mannat into that condition as she has lost hope and was doing all this on Shayan’s request. The best is yet to come. Mannat’s sufferings will again help her in bringing the strength back that she was missing ever since her miscarriage.

The role played by Haya in the last few episodes was quite remarkable. She is trying to do her best to support the family of Ramzan Chacha. Even she is not happy with the court’s verdict.

In the recent episode, we have witnessed how Wajih’s lawyer had manipulated each and every witness presented by the prosecutor. He didn’t even spare Mannat. He has cross questioned her in the way that she got confused and didn’t even realize what she was talking about.


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Mannat is unable to understand what they are trying to prove. However, she soon realized that Wajih’s lawyer is trying to prove her a mentally instable person. The worst part happened when Mannat’s mother spoke against his own daughter declaring her a mental patient for the last 15 years.

Under the light of all these arguments, clues, witnesses and evidence, the court finally announced its final verdict. It declared Wajih innocent and punished Ramzan Chacha for manipulating the daughter of an innocent family and also declared the penalty of RS 5 lacs for him. Showing sympathies towards Mannat, the judge ordered to put her into the mental asylum until she is recovered properly as it is not okay to set her free. She could be dangerous for society.

Well, we all know that things are not easy for those who fight for justice. And this is what is happening in Cheekh Episode 22 Review. The next episode will reveal Shayan’s efforts to save her wife from a mental asylum. Stay with us to get yourself updated with the new happenings.

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