Cheekh Episode 24 Review

Cheekh Episode 24 Review—Mannat’s trials are not ending


Cheekh drama serial which started with the death of Nayab has turned into a lot of mess. Mannat who stands against injustice and continued her fight for justice is giving up slowly. We have witnessed how cunningly Wajih has managed to escape from the proceeding of the court with the help of his lawyer. He has no guilt. He is not repenting on so many wrong deeds that he has committed in order to save himself from going to jail under the charge of Nayab’s murder.

From the first episode to the 24th episode, the person who has suffered the most is Mannat for sure. She has not only loses her husband’s house and family but also her unborn baby. Things are more complex and penetrating for her after the death of her mother. In the recent episode of the show, we have seen how Mannat’s mother was unable to bear the brunt of her lies and the condition of her daughter. She took it to her heart and eventually it becomes the cause of her death.

The episode begins when Wajih confronts Mannat that he is guilty of all those things that he has done to her but he literally has no intentions of doing so. He asked her to stay calm and remained here and he will bear her expenses throughout life because he knew that in any case if Mannat will be free then he will definitely not be free. Mannat refused to listen to him and went away.

Later on, we have seen Haya who came to meet Mannat at the mental asylum. She asked her to come on as they are leaving now. Mannat is shocked to hear this. She asked her why Shayan is not with her to take her to the home. She asked her that she wanted to talk to him. While Shayan is busy in performing the funeral activities for Mannat’s mother, he asked her that he is busy in some activities that’s why he didn’t come to see her.

As soon as Mannat arrives at her mother’s house, she is shocked to see a crowd of people outside and inside the house. She asked abruptly what is going on. No one replied to her. She stepped into the house and smells something fishing. She ran here and there searching for her mother. The whole scene brought tears in my eyes. Even the scene where Mannat comes across her mother’s body was quite heartrending.


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The later part of the episode spent in Mannat’s grieving about her mother’s death. She recalled the time when she came to meet and she doesn’t talk to her. Shayan gives sympathies and courage to her. Despite all the loss that Mannat has faced in her fight for justice, she has had at least her Husband Shayan who is standing by her side.

In the last couple of minutes, Sharik asked Shayan that it is time for Mannat bhabhi to get back to the mental asylum. Mannat is shocked to hear this. She doesn’t want to go back, she insisted him that they have lost the case, her baby is gone, and now her mother in no longer with her then why would she still go to the mental asylum? Shayan tries to make things easier for her. He assured her that he would be back to get her home. And Mannat is now once again going to the worldly hell.

Well, things are really getting complex in Cheekh. However, it seemed that the end is soon to come and Wajih will bear the brunt of all his wrong deeds. We are anxiously waiting for the next episode.

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