Cheekh Episode 25 Review

Cheekh Episode 25 Review


The unnecessary drag of the drama serial has made it less interesting and captivating among its audience. People wonder how it could be so difficult for someone who is fighting for justice. Both Mannat and Shayan are helpless in front of Yawar and Wajih.

Well, in this week’s episode, we have seen a lot of unnecessary scenes and wonder why the scriptwriter has dragged it so long. The episode begins when Yawar came to console Shayan on the death of his mother-in-law. However, Shayan is not with him as he is supporting the wrong ones so he behaved quite rudely. Yawar tried to explain to him but he is not convinced and eventually, Yawar leaves.


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Then another important scene comes when Shariq tried to strengthen his friendship bond with Wajih. He has made him confess his crime that how he has killed Nayab. Wajih explained to him each and every detail. And he is not even guilty. Wajih has no idea that Haya is behind the wall and witnessed all those words which he has uttered against Nayab. She bitterly cries over the fact that his brother is the real culprit and that Mannat was right.

Wajih visits Mannat and as soon as Mannat saw his face, she started insulting him and blaming him that he is the reason for her mother’s death. Under all this, she got a panic attack and is taken to the hospital. The psychiatrist who is dealing Mannat asked her personal doctor to give her a heavy dose. And of course, he is doing all this because Aqilzada has directed him to do so.
It was lucky enough that Shayan and Ramzan Chacha visited her and came to know that she is hospitalized. He asked the doctors for a complete prescription of the medicines that they are giving to her. Mannat’s doctor revealed each and every detail about her treatment and advised them to take stay order from the court as soon as possible.

Shayan recalled each and every incident of Mannat’s sufferings. He leaves Ramzan Chacha at the hospital and went straight to his house. He took out his gun and leaves for Wajih and Yawar. Shayan is really furious over Wajih’s character and went straight to him. After entering the house he started beating him with his hands and when Yawar tried to interfere he put on the gun right in front of Wajih.
There begins a fight between the brothers and Shayan eventually turned pistol towards himself. During all this, the sound of a gunshot came and it ended on both Yawar and Wajih. Throughout the episode, this was the only scene which hooked us to know what is going to happen now.
As the audience, we are anxiously waiting for a good end for the Cheekh. But we don’t know when it is going to conclude.

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