Cheekh Episode 26 Review

Cheekh Episode 26 Review


It was observed from last few episodes of Cheekh that perhaps the serial has gone far from its actual theme and idea which was justice for Nayab. However, the recent episode of Cheekh has brought back the same suspense and curiosity which was observed in the first few episodes.

No doubt, the recent episode contributed a lot in the plot development. However, it also arises a few questions in the audience’ mind.

So, what happened in the 26th episode of Cheekh?

The episode begins with Shayan getting offensive with both Wajih and Yawar as they have almost made his wife a mentally unstable person. He pointed pistol on himself and asked Yawar to take back his orders of over dosing Mannat. Yawar stated that he hasn’t done anything of that sort but he didn’t believe. Yawar called Aqeelzada and came to know that Shayan was actually right. He immediately asked him to stop over dosing Mannat. Yawar ensures Shayan that everything will be all right just relax. After hearing this, Shayan leaves.

The condition of Mannat is getting severe as those over doses are actually performing well on her. Her health deteriorated to that extent that doctors lose hope of her survival. Shayan is seriously heartbroken to hear this.

The emotional scene between Haya and Shayan was very brilliantly conveyed as both expressed concerns and grief to an excellent level. Shayan dialogues some emotional lines stating his love for Mannat and also about his family and their indifference towards Mannat. He sees Yawar coming to him and also shared with him what he feels. Yawar consoles him.

On the other hand, Ramzan Chacha got a stay order from the court and is very happy to receive Mannat back home. Shayan plays the role of a very loving and caring husband and does everything for his wife. The moment he was showering his love on his wife after taking care of her was really intense and full of emotions.

Luckily, Mannat started recovering. Things get changed and it seemed that everything will be fine from now.

And then comes the worst part of the show as Wajih entered their house to spoil their happiness. Shayan aggressively asked him to leave the house but he was not leaving. During the altercation, Wajih pushed Shayan so forcibly that he hits at a crystal table and instantly faints. The floor got red with his blood. Both Mannat and her housemaid are crying. Wajih escaped the scene immediately.

He went to his house and closes his door in a panic state. On the other hand, the doctor informed Mannat that they are sorry for not saving Shayan.

As the audience, I was so shocked to hear the news of his death. I mean what? What they are trying to portray now? Mannat suffered initially on her way to justice. She got removed from her own house. She lost her unborn baby. She lost the case against Wajih. She has been sent to a mental asylum after declared mentally unstable woman. She lost her mother on her way to justice. She only has Shayan on her side. And see, what happened. Even Shayan leaves her all alone in this world of beasts.

Seriously, this was really disappointing for me. Mannat has lost everything, her dignity, self-respect, her relations, and her baby during her fight for justice. Shayan’s death was not something to be supposed. At least Mannat should have him till the last as her support and to live a happy life afterwards.

Perhaps, the director and script writer are planning of something different or new that’s why they considered the death of Shayan as a necessary part of the plot development.

The death of Shayan is getting hard for Mannat to digest. She is neither stating a single word nor crying on the death of her husband.

During the last couple of minutes, we have seen how Wajih is still not repenting or guilty of what he has done. He shamelessly asked Yawar to take statements of the witnesses at the police station. However, Yawar insisted on taking the statements right at the moment. Mannat’s maid recorded her statement talking against Wajih and blaming him for taking Shayan’s life. Then Inspector asked Mannat and she is silent. She just keeps staring Wajih. However, the stare is different from the ones she has done before.

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