Cheekh Episode 27 Review

Cheekh Episode 27 Review


Cheekh drama serial is getting intense with each passing episode. There was a point where we as the audience have felt that perhaps Mannat will stop her fight for justice now as she is left with nothing. And that was the point where we were wrong. Mannat’s powerful line she said to Wajih that “She is left with nothing to lose” has been the dialogue of the episode. We have experienced a different kind of passion in her eyes, the passion to ruin Wajih to the extent that he himself will admit all his wrong doings.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

The episode begins with Mannat rejecting all the allegations which were put against Wajih. She has confidently given her statement in front of the inspector that Wajih is innocent. Everybody present at the moment was shocked to hear Mannat’s statement. However, deep in his heart, Wajih knew that Mannat has something very fierce and deep in her heart and mind and now she will not spare him.

On the other hand, we have been shown how Mannat reacts to Shayan’s death. She is not talking to anybody else than Wajih. She doesn’t even reply Haya when she tried to talk to her. She keeps herself busy with smelling Shayan’s dresses and even wearing one of them.

Wajih’s fall is imminent now. He is feared from the very core of his heart. Moreover, the death of Shayan has completely broken his spirits. He is also guilty and admits a lot of times in front of Yawar. However, Yawar is no longer supporting him now. He has lost his brother and admitted in front of Wajih that he was supporting a wring man and eventually lost his brother. He stated that it’s not Wajih who has killed Shayan but he himself has killed Shayan by Supporting Wajih. The entire scene was quite emotional.

Then we have been again introducing with Wajih and Mannat. Wajih arrived and Mannat finally revealed to him what she is going to do with him from now onwards. She revealed that now she will fight with him the same way he has fought with her. Perhaps she is referring to the foul means and the power of money. She said that she will never quit her fight for justice. And at the end, she said to him that he should mind it that now “She is left with nothing to lose”. Wajih is scared to hear all this.

Later on, Wajih came to her and revealed that the loss of his brother will give him sorrow and pain for the rest of his life. He mentioned that he was only trying to save himself and doesn’t use any foul means as she has mentioned earlier. He promised her that now he will also fight according to his own way. Mannat ensures him to mind his promise with an undaunted and determined look. And the drama serial ended.

After seeing this avatar of Mannat, we as audience are actually appreciated her strength and courage.

What we have seen in the promo is arising curiosity in the minds of the audience. Yawar has been seen paralyzed and Mannat asking Wajih that if Yawar who has helped him is in this condition then thought of the condition of that person who has committed the crime.

Cheekh Episode 27 Review

Here’s the promo, have a look at it.

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