Cheekh Episode 28 Review


Finally, after so many episodes, Cheekh has actually made a firm grip on its main theme and idea. The drama serial, which started following the ways for justice is finally heading towards its conclusion. Mannat has been seen as a woman who is not afraid of anything now as she has lost all her loved ones.

Hooking audience at its peak, this week’s episode marks Mannat’s character development, how she successfully haunts Wajih with all his wrong doings. She urged him time and again to put on his faults and evils.

Yawar got Paralyzed

This week’s episode explained Yawar’s condition quite miserably. He suffered from a brain hemorrhage and gets paralyzed. At one point we feel pity for this man. I mean his condition. However, at the other moment, we justify his end that should be the same as he keeps on supporting evil while knowing the truth.

Both Haya and Wajih are stressed to see him like this. Wajih is unable to stand on his feet to run his business. It was Yawar who has been running the business for years. Now Wajih doesn’t know how to handle all these problems. Moreover, they have also encountered a heavy loss in their business.

Mannat on Track

On the other hand, we have seen Mannat who is playing her game of revenge quite brilliantly. She leaves no stone unturned to torture Wajih. Whether it’s a photo frame or his bloody shirt, Mannat has very brilliantly strengthened her character to unveil Wajih’s true nature.

And she is actually enjoying this. Wajih can feel the strength in her eyes.

Wajih’s Failure as a Businessman  

Getting tired of all these tricks by Mannat, Wajih called Haya and asked her to throw Mannat out of the house. Haya blatantly refused to do so. Rather she insisted him to leave the house so that they may live peacefully.

Mannat is successful in her plans as Wajih started misbehaving with the office staff. He is not at peace. Meanwhile, Shayan’s lawyer came to meet him and he also misbehaved with him. However, the lawyer leaves his place stating that he needs Mannat’s signatures because according to Shayan’s will, all his property will belong to his wife. Wajih is shocked to hear that now Mannat will be an equal shareholder in their business and without her signatures, all their accounts would be freezed.

After finding no way out, Wajih finally went to Aqeelzada and asked him to find a solution to get rid of Mannat as she is not letting him stay at peace. However, his lawyer refused to do so as he is only bound to the legal formalities and only handle court issues, and not the domestic ones.

Wajih has been left alone, having no support. What he is going to do now? What is going on in Mannat’s mind?

Next Episode Teaser

Well, the teaser of the next episode was very interesting. Haya got kidnapped by Shariq and Wajih is trying his best to save his sister’s life. That’s where you realize that what you sow, so shall you reap. No one is going to help him now as he once doesn’t care for Nayab. Now the same thing is happening with his sister. Whoa! I am anxiously waiting for the next episode.

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