Cheekh episode 29 Review

Cheekh episode 29 Review


With gradually getting an interesting storyline, Cheekh episode 29 Review is once again winning the hearts of its fans. Mannat is getting strong day after day. She is making him feel the same grief and anguish that she herself was subject to in the past.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

We all know that Yawar is paralyzed now and perhaps this is the weakest point in the life of Wajih as Yawar was his top supporter in his crimes.

The episode starts when both Haya and Wajih bring Yawar back at home. Wajih leaves to see if everything is fine. Yawar has been seen as a miserable creature who is quite helpless before his disability. Haya is seen giving him hopes for his recovery.

Then we have witnessed Mannat talking to Yawar. She mentioned that she doesn’t want all this. What Yawar has done was quite unjust not only to her but to the entire house. Despite knowing the truth, he keeps on supporting Wajih and see where he is now, paralyzed on a bad. Meanwhile, Wajih arrived at the spot while showing displeasure at the sight of Mannat. Mannat blatantly called him a “Khooni” which added fuel to the fire.


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After Mannat left the house he immediately followed her down stairs and warned her not to talk to his brother like this. She mentioned to him that he must fear because the one who has supported him is in that condition then what would become of the culprit.

The situation gets more intense when Shariq revealed to Haya that he is not going to marry her. Rather he is kidnapping her and would exactly do the same as Wajih has done to Nayab. Haya is very disturbed to hear this. Shariq called Wajih and informed him that Haya is with him and now he is going to misbehave with him as he blamed him for this in case of Nayab.

Wajih is all shocked to hear this. He threatens Shariq that he would not spare him if he would touch his sister. He immediately leaves to search them.
Wajih Cheekh episode 29
After a lot of struggle, he remained unsuccessful in tracing them. Finding no ways out, he reached the police station and misbehaved with Amir Khan the one whom he has given bribery in Nayab’s case. The inspector doesn’t listen to him and refused to file an FIR against Shariq as he doesn’t belong to that area.

Wajih returned home disheartened. He also threatens Mannat about Haya. Mannat once again taunts him to be the perfect killer. She then informed him that someone is waiting for him in the room. When he reached there he witnessed Haya and Shariq together. Before he could beat him, Haya told him that they are married now and Shariq is her husband. Haya and Wajih
Wajih is not ready to swallow the news. He smells something fishy and asked them whether they have plotted all this against him. Haya confirms this. He is even more frustrated to hear this.
The entire episode was full of suspense I must say.
Here’s the complete episode,

It is pertinent to note that this was the second last episode of Cheekh and we are anxiously waiting for the final one. Wajih’s doom is quite imminent as he is left with no one on his side neither he has enough money to play hide and seek with Mannat and the Police.

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