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ARY Digital’s hit drama serial Cheekh has finally come towards its final destination. The last episode was not only the fair one but also full of emotional notes for the audience.

Cheekh drama serial started with Nayab’s Cheekh and ended on Yawar’s Cheekh which clearly portrayed that life is unpredictable. Yawar who thinks that money is everything and you can do whatever you want to do with money was finally proved wrong at the last as it was expected.

Wajih, whose doom was eternal was finally sentenced to death by the court after a brilliant performance by Mannat during court proceedings. However, people are really shocked to see Mannat’s last episode tactics. As the audience, we think that she could have used them before and perhaps Shayan would be with her.

So, what we have in the last episode of Cheekh?

Mannat has appealed to reopen her case and it was granted. However, she herself decided to fight her case. And she did it very well. Even senior lawyer like Aqeelzada was unable to beat her. She provides pieces of evidence before the court starting with the fake statement of the Inspector Amir Khan. She proved him wrong.

She gradually provides a reason for her being on the right side and these seemed quite logical to the court. Wajih is all shocked and tensed to see things falling apart against him.

We have witnessed how Wajih felt broken after the death of his brother Shayan. Perhaps he has lost his battle from that very moment. On the other hand, Mannat emerged as a more powerful woman after the death of her husband.
Mannat called Wajih for his statement. She questioned him and made him puzzled enough to confess his crime before the court and that’s exactly what he has done. His confession was really heart-rending.


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“Mene bewaquf Akil Zada ko apni sb se bari dhaal smjha”🥺 “Yawar Bhai sath dete rhe or Akil Zada daad deta rha”😕 “Mere Andar k khof ne mjhko janwar bnadya tha”😣 A compulsory post for Mr.wajeeh taseer ❤ I jussttt love his performance! I mean how brilliantly he acted his very first negative character😍..simplyy amazing!🔥💯 I felt soo bad for him seriously! my heart cries with him.. literally,I have to remind myself of wht he have done…Well it was just a character..but how he potrayed it! just make everyone teary👌 ( although he deserves this cuz he was the culprit ). We can’t deny the fact that he had done everything cuz since his childhood..he had learned this all. I must say It’s his All time best Performance!💯👍 honestly Wajih ..everyone cried with you..taking viewers sympathy,even when you are the villian,Is something I believe is a difficult task,And DAMN!! WAJIH YOU PASSED SOOOOOO INCREDIBLLLYYY MAYNN!!!♥ MASHALLAH Bilaliansss areee so freaking proud of youuu💕 @bilalabbas_khan #cheekh #wajih #drama #lastepisode #bilalabbaskhan #pakistan . . . @bilalabbas_khan @sabaqamarzaman @bigbang.entertainment @badar.mehmood #bilalabbaskhan #sabaqamarzaman #nomoresilence . . . #love #actor #pakistancelebrities #showbizpakistan #pakistan . . . . . #hashtags #followforfollowback #followme #follow4followbackalways #followers #following #instagramer #insta #instagramers #instamusic #instafashion #singing #public #fangirl #fanpage #bollywood #inspiration @bilalabbas_khan

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He explained an incident from his past when he was at his school. She fought with a girl who has stolen his pencil box. Yawar somehow managed the matter and praises him after doing so. He asked him that “Jo chez mangny sy na mily usy cheen lo” and he has made it a life time rule for himself.

Nayyab has refused to give him what he was trying to do. That why he has pushed her from the roof. He further explained that he is actually guilty of what he has done. He further confessed all his wrong doings as well.

I must say that Bilal Abbas Khan is one of the best actors in Pakistan so far. The moments he confessed his crimes were really taking the hearts of the audience. He has filled each dialog with so much pain and regret and that we started feeling pity for him. We have also witnessed a character transformation in him. He eventually tended towards his religion during the last couple of minutes.

Cheekh drama serial was really one of the best drama serials on ARY Digital. The performances by Saba Qamar and Aijaz Aslam were remarkable as well.
Here’s the entire episode,

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