Mannat is still facing way to Justice

Cheekh—Mannat is still facing on her way to Justice


Well, it seemed now that Cheekh has lost it’s the actual pace and started involving the stuff that isn’t even necessary for the drama serial. The fight which started off between Mannat and Wajih has now become the fight of families. The drama serial is going on quite slowly with no significant plot development.

Commenting on its recent episode, I would rather say that nothing serious happened in this episode which you can term as worth exciting or mentioning. We have seen Haya who is making efforts to console Nayab’s father which she has done earlier. However, dair aye darust aye muhawra perfectly fits on her.

She rented a house where she asked Nayab’s father to live with his family so that she may live a satisfied and guiltless life.

On the other hand, Yawar is not happy with Wajih as well. He decided to leave the house immediately and planned to shift somewhere else where he may feel comfortable. After Shayan’s reveals each and everything that Wajih has done to him and his family, Yawar however, still supports Wajih.

Wajih thinking of giving a counter attack, reached the hospital with a bouquet of flowers in his hands to see Mannat. However, Shayan asked him to leave the place immediately.

In the audience’ view, these are some of the insignificant developments in the plot which could have been skipped.

Then we have been introduced with the court proceedings, where the initial inspector Amir Khan who has been looking after the case, has been called to witness Nayab’s statement when she was dying. He has very cunningly misquoted the statement saying that it was Nayab who loved Wajih and not Wajih. Her father wanted her to marry an old man in Dubai which was not acceptable for her, and under all these circumstances she commits suicide.

This creates a humdrum in the court. Mannat’s lawyer, however, agreed on whatever was being spoken in the court and requested for a forensic report of Wajih which would be matched with Nayab’s forensic tests.

Mannat was still missing from the court owing to her miscarriage.

The next episode revealed that Mannat was being ordered by the court to be sent to a mental asylum her mental condition is not good to be free.

This whole process has actually down rated the drama serial. The play which once seemed to be so interesting and full of curiosity is now going be for granted with its slow pace. We hope Cheekh will finally grab its roots.

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