Shayan gets audience’ love

Cheekh – Shayan gets audience’ love after supporting his wife Mannat


Wajih’s all malicious attempts to vilify Mannat’s character failed as Shayan no longer believes him.

A general review revealed that for Pakistani women, Cheekh drama serial is a must watch. Right from the beginning the drama serial is all loved by the masses for having a unique plot and twist of events and it still hooked the audience with its exciting turns and curious plot structure.

As soon as the episode went on air, we have witnessed how Shayan asked Mannat to pack her stuff as she will no longer live in this house. Poor Mannat thought that Shayan may have believed the venom spewed by his family against her character. She is broken at the heart. However, after reaching her mother’s place, Shayan told her that he will stand by her and will wash away all the allegations that have been put against her. Mannat felt a sigh of relief that at least her husband is standing beside her. He believes her.

Shayan even confronts Wajih and after slapping him he has explained to him how Asad has made all the rubbish cleared stating “Chakar chalany waly mard Kisi ka ghar nahi basaty, wo talaqain dilwa kr gaib ho jaty hn.”

And indeed it was enough for Wajih Miyan. Haya also gets alarmed with her brother Shayan’s statement. She was seen distressed too.

Later we have seen that Shayan is getting ready for an interview and when Yawar insisted him to take rest as he owns a huge mass of share in the company he explained to him that he wants to look after his wife Mannat over his own money. He also warned Yawar to step back as his love for Wajih is enough to make him a ‘Janwar’.
Wajih’s advocate came to Mannat and his attitude seemed quite rude and aggressive towards Mannat. However, she has tackled him with so brave and determined mind that he actually feared her intentions once.

After the interview, Shayan pays a visit to Mannat and give her good news regarding his job. The couple looks quite happy.

The drama is getting interesting episode after episode and honestly, u can’t wait to see the next episode.

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