Cheekh speaks truthfulness

Cheekh speaks of one’s suffering in the way of truthfulness


Cheekh drama serial is all leading on the audience’ mind. They are all time wondering for the next happenings as the drama serial is doing well for arising curiosity in the audience. Wajih is now more confident after his brother’s support. He leaves no chance of tormenting and agonizing Mannat who is standing against him. Not exactly against. She is not seeking help from police and she even can’t do that because in our Pakistani society it is more important for someone to save his house than to fight against the evil. Being portrayed as a true sadist, Wajih knew very well that Mannat can’t do anything against him because she doesn’t have the power to repel. He has made her life like a living hell.


We already know that Bilal Abbas is one of the best actors in Pakistan. He is doing his best as an anti-hero in this drama serial. He became successful in manipulating the situation according to his pursuits. He is not feeling even an iota of regret after committing such a foolish act. While Saba is no less in performing her leading role. She suffers because she is portrayed as a woman who can’t speak out against her family even if the wrong is done by her loved ones. Her mother emotionally deals with her advising her to save her married life instead of revolting against Wajih. She even suggested her to beg Wajih pardon.
Now Wajih’s sole purpose is to tease and torture Mannat as she is not getting into his web.

Mannat’s statement to Nayab’s father was so touchy portraying the helplessness of all those women who can’t go against their in-laws. The numbness in her eyes speaks all. She argues that she is impotent to fight against her in-laws as they are very rich and influential.

On the other hand, we see in the last half of the drama that Wajih leaves no chance to torment Mannat. He wants to make her mentally weak so that she won’t be able to take any step against him and thus he would enjoy his life the way he used to be. He insulted Nayab’s father as well not apparently but by hiring a few mischievous children. We also see that a bike rider split that black ink on Nayab’s father. No one can do that except Wajih.

After making the video of Nayab’s father, he has shamelessly shown this video to Mannat. At this Mannat insulted him in bad terms which Haya considered unethical and warns her to not do it again.
Well, I am really enjoying the latest happenings in the drama serial. What are your views about it?


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