Mannat retaliation

Cheekh – Wajih Shocked after Mannat’s retaliation



Good days are gone Mr. Wajih, prepare yourself for the worst ones because Bhabhi gee is on point now.

saba qamar in cheekh

After all the bullshit that Mannat was going through as soon as Wajih confesses his crime, Mannat is finally all set to speak up against ‘zulm’. She has made up her mind to fight for Nayab. To give her justice. In the recent episode of the drama serial, she appears like a badass character helping Ramzan Chacha getting him out of prison and further filing an FIR against her own dewar Wajih who is an anti-hero. Coming out of a drag mood, Mannat has finally realized her inner capabilities.

saba qamar

The drama serial has taken a new spin with Mannat’s U-Turn from the airport. She was supposed to go to America, to her husband. However, she asked the driver to take her to jail.

Wajih has given her a tough time that she can no longer bear. She has broken the shell of a meek girl. She has filed an FIR against Wajih for first molesting Nayab and afterwards murdering her. She returns to her home where Wajih gets shocked to see her. She even makes him worried more by getting into his nerves.

Well, that would not be wrong if I state that Wajih is the sole reason for Mannat’s wrath. If he would not have teased and harassed her she would never do that. Furthermore, he hurt Ramzan Chacha too, that was intolerable for Mannat. So Wajih has no right to blame Mannat for anything. He proved to be a living example of ‘ak to chori, upr sy seena zori’. In her fight for justice, Mannat is now dauntless. She is not caring for anyone except her fight for justice and she is going to win it.

The turning point in the drama serial comes with the entry of the police staff in the presence of Haya’s in-laws who were there to discuss the wedding dates. The soothing effect and calm that appears on Mannat’s face after Wajih gets arrested were found nowhere. What will happen next? Will Mannat be successful in her fight for justice nor not? Well, I can’t wait for the next episode.


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