Two more cases of child harassment in Kasur 


According to the local media, the two more cases of sexual harassment brought under the spotlight in Kasur. From the last seven months, its almost 126 cases in Kasur about child abuse and harassment. Honestly, where we are heading too?

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Child abuse

According to the recent reports, Pattoki Tehsil of Kasur has undergone two more cases of child abuse here on Wednesday.

An FIR against 5 suspects including Ramesh, Ashfaq, Nazim, and two others was filed by a resident. He claimed that these 5 suspects were involved in the rape of his brother (child harassment) .

He went on declaring that they have even captured pictures and made videos of his brother and then keep on threatening him.

Police officials

Taking notice of the incident, the police have arrested three suspects while the other two are still at large. Police officials are searching for them. Moreover, they discovered the videos which have been told by the resident.

Apart from this, police arrested a man who has allegedly abused a seven-year-old minor in the Mandianwala area in Pattoki Tehsil, Kasur. The suspect is identified as Babar.

Police also arrested three suspects who were accused of filming and blackmailing a teenage boy in Pattoki. The father of the boy has registered FIR against the suspects.

He told the police officials that his son has been receiving threats from the suspects over the last 3 years and now he was subject to their harassment on gunpoint.

Police are making further inquiries into the cases.

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