China-Pak science, tech tie-up highlighted

Islamabad: The first international seminar on “China-Pakistan Science and Technology Enterprises Cooperation” was held in the recently established China-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Center, Beijing.

The seminar, which involve the participation of more than 30 Science and Technology organizations, co-hosted by Zhongguancun, the Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association (ZBRA), and the Embassy of Pakistan in China.

He said that in 20 years of development, the park has gathered nearly 20,000 high-tech enterprises represented by Lenovo and Baidu, forming six advantageous industrial clusters such as the next-generation Internet, mobile Internet and a new generation of mobile communications.

He added that four potential industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, new materials, high-end equipment and general aviation, new energy and new energy vehicles, and high-end development of modern service industries etc.

Science and Technology Counsellor in the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, Khan Muhammad Wazir after conveying the good wishes of Pakistan’s Ambassador to the participants, presented Pakistan’s need for scientific and technological cooperation.

China-Pak, tech tie-up:

He emphasized the significant potential for scientific and technological collaboration between China and Pakistan in various areas, including emerging technologies, advanced and new materials, green energy technologies, the digital economy, smart cities, minerals and natural resources, agricultural and industrial modernization through technology and innovation, biodiversity and climate change, disaster mitigation and prevention, as well as drug discovery and vaccine development.

Khan Muhammad proposed the establishment of a coordination committee, consisting of representatives from ZBRA, the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, the Ministries of Science and Technology of China and Pakistan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and STZA.

The committee would jointly operate the China-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Center located in Beijing.

Representatives of participating institutions both public and private delivered presentations and expressed their willingness to cooperate with Pakistan in their respective areas.

Published in the Logical Baat, May 15, 2023.

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