Christchurch Mosque Attacker facing Terrorism Charge

Christchurch Mosque Attacker facing Terrorism Charge Together with 51 Murder Charges


The Australian born Tarrant, 28 years old, appeared in the High Court in Christchurch on Friday. He will be facing 51 murder charges, 40 counts of attempted murder and engaging in an act of terrorism.

The hearing broadcasted from Auckland through an audio visual link. He was contained at the Auckland Prison, Paremoremo in isolation within
the prison’s high security wing.

More than 50 Muslims died on 15 March 2019, whilst dozens others were wounded during Friday Prayers in two mosques shootings.

On 5 April, during his last appearance in court, no plea was required. The court ordered that he was to be mentally assessed to establish his fitness to stand trial.

Tarrant stared blankly from the TV screen, whilst approximately 50 relatives & friends of the deceased were watching.

Two Preceding mental health reports were ordered by Justice Mander for expediting the proceedings.

The Police convened a meeting with approximately 200 of the victims’ families as well as survivors. They were informed about the new charges, whilst being updated regarding the police investigation.

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