Complaint Launched On Twitter About President Arif Alvi’s Srinagar Tweet: No Rules Violated


President Arif Alvi’s name was added to a list of individuals whose accounts were reported, due to posts regarding the protests and lockdown inside occupied Kashmir as per a Twitter email.

However, Twitter did not find President Alvi’s tweet as a transgression of its rules.

On Monday, Shireen Mazari, Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister was sharing a screenshot of this email on her own Twitter account. She said this action was not only in bad taste, but also ridiculous.


She added: Twitter has gone overboard to become the voice of the Villainous Modi government, whilst a notice was sent to the president, which is not only in bad taste, but also ridiculous.

However, according to Mazari’s shared email, Twitter notified President Alvi about a complaint it received concerning a tweet which was posted by him on 24 August.

In addition, Twitter stated the reported content was investigated, but no infringements of the media giant’s rules or relevant laws could be identified. As per the email, no action could be taken at this stage.

According to Twitter, its preference is to protect the freedom of speech, via legal notices to its users.

The applicable tweet by President Alvi consisted of a video which was taken of a protest which was presumably held in Srinagar.

The tweet stated that this happened yesterday in Srinagar despite curfews, blackouts, bans, teargas & firing. The Kashmiris resentment against India can’t be suppressed by any amount of oppression & brutality. They want their freedom against all costs and included a request to retweet and inform the world.

International media reported about massive protests which are taking place in occupied Kashmir, regardless of efforts by the Indian government to silence news outlets and journalists.

These demonstrations and protests are taking place against the decision of New Delhi to repeal Article 370 of its constitution, in defiance of a strict lockdown as well as a blackout of communications, which were in place during the previous 3 weeks.

During the past couple of weeks, various users had complaints about the suspension of their accounts because they posted about the events taking place inside occupied Kashmir.

During last week about 200 accounts were specified by the government, which were apparently suspended due to posts made to Twitter, about occupied Kashmir.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor (General of Inter-Services Public Relations) made an announcement that the authorities addressed the issue with Facebook & Twitter against the suspension of Pakistani accounts which posted in favor of Kashmir.

Allegedly, the reason is the Indian staff working at its regional headquarters.

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Twitter violations:

In accordance with Twitter Rules, the accounts which post abusive content or spam are suspended on a temporary basis. The platform also suspends accounts which it suspected of being hacked, up till the stage when it can be restored and secured to the owner of the account.

Additionally, tweets which are observed to be an infringement of Twitter’s Rules, are concealed behind an interstitial up till the stage it is deleted by the user.

In cases where the platform doesn’t find such a reported tweet as a transgression of its rules, the user is informed that a complaint was received against content which was posted by them, although action was not taken, with the intention to maintain transparency.

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