Contestant dragged Judge Kubra Khan in an argument

Contestant dragged Judge Kubra Khan in an argument on singing


Pakistan is introducing a lot of reality shows where contestants have been appreciated to show off their talents. Among these reality shows, is Bol Entertainment’ recently begin show ‘Pakistan Star’. In this show, actress Kubra Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Javed Sheikh have been selected as the respected judges.

During the audition session, a lot of controversies could be seen between the contestants and judges.

Recently, the clip of a young boy who came to give his singing audition got viral on social media. He sang an Indian song ‘Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya’. The voice was almost fine. However, judge Kubra Khan was not impressed by the singing and gave negative feedback to the boy.

Here is the video clip.

The reaction that Kubra Khan gave was a normal one. However, that young boy has taken it to the heart and started misbehaving with her stating that ‘she thought she could sing better than him’. While many came in the support of the boy stating that his point is valid though. These judges don’t know the basic rules of singing and are criticizing the ones who have come for singing.

What do you think about Kubra’s reaction? Whether it was justified or not? And what are your views about the contestant?

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