“Coronavirus outbreak a serious situation,” Bilawal Bhutto


Karachi: Under the wake of the novel coronavirus, Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has urged the nation to take it seriously.

On Thursday, while addressing a press conference here at the Sindh Assembly in Karachi, he declared,

“We are heading towards a lock-down.”

“The Sindh government took measures as soon as there was news of an outbreak in China,” he added.

He went on saying, “I would like to emphasize that coronavirus is an extremely serious and life-threatening issue. It is ten times worse than the flu.”

He further draws the attention of the nation towards the fact that coronavirus is not only affecting the elderly people and children but it also affected a huge community of youngsters as well.

“Of the two people who have died from the disease, one was 36 years old and one was 50 years of age, which means they were not very advanced in their years.”

He asserted that “Even then, there is no need to spread panic because we are working day and night with all our hearts so we can ensure the protection of all your lives.”

He keeps on urging the people to take coronavirus seriously as it has affected the major countries of the world.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan has also addressed the nation and urge them to act responsibly towards COVID-19 as the coronavirus cases surge in the country. He said that Pakistan’s economy is already fragile and complete lockdown in major cities could cause more harm to the economy.

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