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Correct decision at the right time has averted war – PM


While addressing in a meeting of PTI parliamentary party held at Prime Minister Office on Wednesday, Imran Khan has given his words that correct decision at the right time has prevented war between India and Pakistan. It is rightfully said that one correct decision can save the lives of many.

He stated that the stalemate with India on the issue of war has somehow halted. However, the super powers can be at rest as there are still some chances of war that are looming over our armed forces.

As an act of magnanimity, he has not forgotten to pay tribute to our super powers. It is owing to their struggles and valiant steps that we are now living peacefully. The nation is proud of its heroes who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sack of our dearest homeland.

By lauding Foreign Officer’s services he has asserted that it is an honor for Pakistan that the world’s important capitals have repudiated Indian propaganda against Pakistan by warning the Indian authorities to stay away from such preposterous acts.

Meanwhile, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor was being asked about the possibilities of war between India and Pakistan, he stated, “We were I would say close to war because when they [India] violated the airspace under token aggression, we went for a response.”

He has further submitted his statement saying, “The world has to see what is forcing the Kashmiri youth to go towards violence. So instead of looking towards framed allegation for this incident, India also has to look inward as to why these incidents are happening. We have to move towards the resolution of Kashmir because this issue is a flashpoint for peace in the region.”
Now it is up to Indian Authorities, whether they will respect our peace gesture or keep on blowing the wind of war.

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