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The website of cricketgateway as well as its mobile app provides you with the ability to get full coverage of all types of cricket tournaments which include: Test matches, T20I’s & ODI’s.

Another great feature is that you can watch the tournaments at levels, like World Cups, leagues across the World such as MCL, IPL, CPL, PSL, bilateral series and more.

Included in the above-mentioned matches and levels you can watch:

  • Live scores
  • Match Highlights
  • Official Live Streaming of games
  • Updates on ball by ball
  • Full Match Replay
  • Exclusive Videos
  • Notifications

Features of Cricketgateway

Subscription: Fees will vary because it is based upon region, the day of the week, the progress of the tournament and duration.

Live Scores: Both Live Scores as well as Results of the different tournaments will be covered.

News: Updates on News will be provided covering, the general, most recent, trending, match stories & interesting facts.

Video on Demand: Videos include Highlights; Toss; Wickets; Sixes; Fours; Presentation; Catches as well as a Replay of the Full Match.

Via the cricketgateway site you will be able to find the following information, right at your fingertips!

Series Section:

Here you will find all the different Test Championships and all the cricket tours for 2019, whether it is the ICC World Test Championships, The South African Tour of India, The Ashes etc.

Under the series section the following information is provided to you:

  • Fixtures
  • Squad
  • Scorecard
  • Visual Scorecard

Video Section:

Under its Video Section you can watch different cricket matches, which include:

  • Presentation
  • Highlights
  • Innings match replay

It also provides you with the list of most watched videos!

Results Section:

Here you will find all the results about cricket matches which include the winning team, the score, the overs as well as the complete scorecard.

Fixtures Section:

Under the fixtures section you can get the information about cricket matches which are already fixed. It provides you with the information about:

  • Date
  • The Teams
  • The Time
  • The Venue

Archive Section:

What an interesting section! cricketgateway provides you with the information about the cricket matches played during the past, since 2016 to 2019.

By just clicking on the relevant match which you wants to watch, it provides you with complete information, including the scorecard!

Addition Features and Information:

  • About us
  • Where to contact them
  • Apple Store Download
  • Android App Download
  • Private Policy
  • Terms & conditions
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We advise you to read its FAQ which can help you a lot with sorting out some issues you may experience with live streaming!

You can get the latest updates about each major cricket match. Either it could be a one-day international match or it is a T20 match. Bi lateral series as well as

  • IPL cricket matches
  • CPL Cricket Matches
  • PSL Matches
  • MCL Cricket matches

You are also given a chance to watch official live streams for matches and when you are not at home and you want to view the live scores then use the cricketgateway app.

When you miss the important inning of your favorite team then you can check the highlights once again from this portal. However, if you miss the whole match then there should be an alternative that you could use for checking the innings of both teams. Match replay with cricket gate way is another cool feature that you can enjoy.

Notification facility for matches is given to the subscribers so, if you would like to keep the notifications on then do not skip this feature.

Livestreaming with available bandwidth:

Every user is using different bandwidth that’s why the experience of bandwidth is different with each person. This cricket hub will present livestreaming with multiple resolutions.

Video on Demand option:

Yes, you are reading very right the videos on demand at cricketgateway is open choice for the users. They can watch on demand pitch condition report or they can watch the toss position. Wickets taken by opponent team and all fours and sixes recordings will be available on the demand.

Latest News Updates:

Every day brings new news and updates for matches and players. There are lot of sports gossips and scandals which the fans must know. But keeping an eye all the time on sports news channel is not the ultimate solution. Cricketgateway news updates will be available for you to give interesting news coverage.

Getting Audio But No Video?

Sometimes, you may face a terrible situation when your favorite match is on but you are unable to watch it. You only get the option to listen ball to ball live score but you cannot enjoy the real watching at your smartphone. In this scenario what could be the best alternative to enjoy the match? Why does it happen that live streaming is not producing picture only voice we get? It is like entertainment on the radio.

You can do the following steps to avoid this hassle at cricketgateway:

  1. Immediately clear the browsing history and cache
  2. You can restart your pc or laptop
  3. Restart the internet connection
  4. The DNS or cache error often blocks the access on some specific websites
  5. You can install or download CC Cleaner and it is a free version. Although the paid features are really impressive and you can continuously enjoy any site and you can remove all the track records from your laptop if you acquire paid version. However, the free version will also help you. Just run cleaner and it will delete the history and cache files from your system.
  6. You can also change the browser. If you are using Google then switch it towards Mozila or Opera browser. In many cases it resolves the issue. Another thing to note is incognito window from these browsers is added to avoid these problems.
  7. Free proxy extensions are available for Google chrome and other browsers if you cannot acces cricketgateway live video then activate the free version of your proxy. Basically it will change the exact or original IP address of your system. Then you become able to enjoy live streaming on cricketgateway.

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