Cricket is Not a Sport for Us Russia

Cricket is Not a Sport for Us: Russia


Russia refused to recognize cricket as a sport. Cricket has millions of fans all over the world. Each year hundreds of people get attacks when they see their favorite or beloved team losing the match.

An application was submitted to Russian’s sports ministry stating the request to add the cricket in official sports of Russia but it was turned out. May be over 2 billion of cricket lovers are on a mistake.

Cricket is not a game then question is if its not game then in which category should we consider it? You also try to find this answer and we are already doing. Hey! No laugh……….

Thai boxing is also not included in the sports register of Russia. One of the active members from Moscow Cricket Sports Federation told the real reason behind the rejection was the mistakes in request and wrongly interpreted version regarding cricket caused this trouble.

However, in-country still, many players can practice cricket at the local level. But the government is not going to award any types of funds to cricket federations. However, this decision got many criticisms on social media and people even the ones from Russia who are not directly involved in this sports are not in favor of this decision.

The federation of cricket will apply next year again for the review and let’s wait until the application is submitted there.

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