Crispy Potato Fritters Recipe

Crispy Potato Fritters Recipe

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Crispy Potato Fritters Ingredients:

⦁ Plain Flour: 1 Small Bowl
⦁ Salt: 1/2tsp
⦁ Red Pepper: 1/2tsp
⦁ Black Pepper: 1/2tsp
⦁ Water: As needed
⦁ Potatoes: 1 Medium Sized Bowl (4 to 5 Potatoes)
⦁ Oil: As per requirement

Cooking Method:

  1. Take a bowl and add red pepper, black pepper, and salt in plain flour.
    2. Mix all ingredients well and add some water in it.
    3. Mix them well and make a paste.
    4. Cut all potatoes in free shapes, whatever you like.
    5. Coat the potatoes in the same plain flour paste.
    6. Deep fry them and serve hot with green mint sauce or chili garlic sauce.

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