Cristiano Ronaldo: First Footballer Scoring Against Opponents of Forty Different Countries


Christiano Ronaldo, the captain and forward of the Portuguese Football Team, currently the European champions, is the first footballer who scored against the opponents of 40 different countries!

Ronaldo’s latest record, of scoring four times against Lithuania, took his international total to 93 goals. The game against Lithuania, represents Portugal’s Euro 2020 qualifier and was played on Tuesday, which Portugal won 5-1.

Also watch Opponents BEFORE and AFTER Facing Cristiano Ronaldo!

Ronaldo at the age of 34, played his 161 st international. Whilst notching his 8th hat trick for Portugal, it was his career’s 54 th!

He is the sole footballer achieving a remarkable feat like this!

Ronaldo tweeted that he loves this feeling.

Countries against which Ronaldo scored:

Sweden; Armenia; Andorra; Latvia; Estonia; Netherlands; Faroe Islands; Hungary; Luxembourg; Lithuania; Denmark; Northern Ireland; Russia; Belgium; Spain; Saudi Arabia; Switzerland; Kazakhstan; Azerbaijan; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Cyprus; Cameroon; Czech Republic; Greece; Egypt; Iran; Slovakia; Finland; Poland; Iceland; North Korea; Panama; Argentina; Croatia; Ecuador; Wales; Ghana; Morocco; Serbia and New Zealand.

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