cute Love Poem

I need to Live in A Notion | A cute Love Poem


You Really don’t know how I need to listen your voice;

I need your cute eyes those beautiful words that always filled me,

I need your inner peace my dear;

I really need to listen the unspoken words from your lips!

I can’t …yes I think I can’t but still I’m trying! .

I can’t. My mind doesn’t wish to ponder,

I can’t think anything about you, is it possible?

I need the flower from your hands,

I am having all patience which I can have

I need your peaceful silence that can make a noise within my soul,

I need to live in notion now, how we met, left and rejoined

Note: Its one of our best love poems and we will keep updating you with interesting sad love poetry as well. You will also be able to use our poems as sad poetry status.

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