Daily K2


Daily K2 is a Pakistani newspaper and can be found online in the Urdu language. This newspaper is published by the KPN (Karakorum Publishing Network), a leading media group in Pakistan.

This media group publishes the Daily K2 in the following regions and cities:

  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Karachi
  • Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Besides the Daily K2 newspaper, they also publish the under-mentioned newspapers:

  • Weekly Waadi – Gilgit Baltistan – English
  • Weekly Naqqara – in Gilgit Baltistan

The Daily K-2 was the first newspaper which was published in Gilgit Baltistan on a daily basis, for a period of 14 years. It became the most widely liked and read newspaper within Gilgit Baltistan.

The Daily K-2 Epaper became highly popular among the citizens in a short time span. Its popularity can be related to the fact that its publishing about politics, current affairs, various daily K-2 job opportunities for young people, both national & international sports & news are authentic. The persons who are interested in media jobs would happily join it because the online news trend is on Boom.

Read the Daily K2 online or buy it from newspaper shops for just 10 rupees! The online version of K2 is free. You can check the latest news in very fast and easy way. It got much popularity in Gilgit, Islamabad and Karachi division. People consider it the best local newspaper.

Although, nowadays, Geo tv or Geo news live entertain the people with current news happenings and different programs they conduct. Roznama k2 got viral effects in very short time. The chief editor of k2 urdu news paper Raja Hussain who founded this paper in July 2013 worked very hard in the initial days.

Basically its head quarter is in Balochistan but soon it started the publishing in other major cities of Pakistan including the capital of Pakistan. Dailyk2jobs advertisement is also very famous among young people. They can check the jobs posts on daily basis from K2 paper.

After looking the appreciation for this paper, the management of K2 group decided to launch two another vital papers, which are Naqarah and Waadi. Now, the public has become very smart. They know what is correct news and what news is based on rumor. When public see authenticated news updates then they try to bookmark the site. It is the real victory for people because bookmarking the sites means the site owner will start getting the regular traffic. Breaking news is another cool feature if you want to keep the audience loyal with your paper Majority of Punjabians do not read the news of KPK or Balochistan. If someone lives in Punjab, then he or she will try to focus news of the same province.

Local news can be managed in proper way but K2 epaper covering international news of polictis, sports, fashion and food as well.

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