Danish Taimmor thanked all women in his life for their countless efforts


Danish Taimoor is a well known name in our entertainment industry. Amid coronavirus pandemic, where everyone is trying to self isolate himself, there are certain aspects of life that are surfacing in our lives.

Recently, the famous pakistani actor Danish Taimoor has penned a heartflet note for all the women in his house for their countless efforts. He has thanked them for maintaing such a huge system that men cannot imagine to do.

While staying at home, he has realized how tough the job of all those women is who are staying up at homes and taking care of it. With very beautiful words from his heart, he has thanked them all for giving him such a beautiful life to spend beacuse without them he could not have managed to do this.

He took to his instagram handle and wrote,

“It is important that we all stop and thank the ladies in our lives. In this time of crisis i realized how hard women in my family work.”

Danish Taimmor

Danish went on elaborating their efforts in these words,

“From getting early for breakfast to taking care of the kids throughout the day, from cleaning up to cooking. It all goes unnoticed.”

Danish further thanked his wife, mother and daughter,

“I am forever in your debt and will never be able to repay you.”

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