Daraz Catalog: Consisting of Over 5 Million Products


Daraz, which is Pakistan’s foremost online marketplace, is in a celebratory mood! During the past couple of months, its collection of products has grown at an exponential rate.

Recently, the app boasted with a catalog containing over 5 million products. Its extensive variety of available products include anything varying from advanced electronics to ordinary household products.

Over 2 million products which are available on its app are derived from international retailers after which the products are positioned under Global Collections.

However, this amazing feature provides clients with the convenience to purchase high quality products at an affordable price. Customers can also choose the option that such products can be shipped from abroad to their doorstep, whilst giving them the choice to pay for it, cash on delivery.

Daraz has promised to become a total lifestyle destination. The platform, staying true to their promise, has introduced DFresh. This comprises of a service that delivers fresh vegetables and fruit to clients.

The products offered on DFresh are obtained every day, whilst the variety also includes Grade A & B vegetables and fruit which are grown locally.

Clients will be able to find vegetables and fruit which are not available within the local market, like mangosteen, avocados, colored bell peppers, passion fruit & blackberries.

Currently this service is only available in Karachi. However, it is Daraz’s intention to expand the DFresh service to other cities, due to its success.

Customers who are looking to purchase authentic products can visit the Daraz Mall, after which their shopping can be delivered at home via express delivery. The top brands’ official stores are located in the Daraz Mall.

Daraz which is always on the lookout to extend its scope, is also offering local coupons. These coupons can be collected by customers on the app which can be used at local establishments, like salons and restaurants to obtain exciting deals and discounts.

Coupons for travel, dental health and entertainment can also be found on the app which gives its clients terrific discounts and vouchers.

According to the platform it is quite confident that its range of products will evolve even more within the next couple of months.

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