Bomb Blast in Lahore

Data Darbar Lahore blast: Police Elite Force vehicle was targeted


Data Darbar Lahore bomb blast

Lahore: Data Darbar blast resulted in the death of several casualties including 5 policemen.

At least eight to ten people and five policemen were martyred during the suicide blast here on Wednesday.

While reports reveal that almost 25 people were carried to the hospitals as they have sustained serious injuries during the blast.

As per the reports, the main target of the suicide bomber was Police Elite Force. The Elite Force vehicle was being targeted during the blast.

Among the wounded ones, 4 people have been found in quite a critical condition. They have been shifted to Mayo Hospital where they are immediately attended.

Police teams are investigating the nature of the blast. The suicide bomber has blown himself up with the bomb that occurred near the entrance gate for female visitors.

DIG Operation Lahore, Ashfaq Ahmed Khan told media that the nature of the blast is yet unknown. “We will inform the media once we are able to confirm whether it was an IED, suicide or any other explosion,” he added.

Moreover, different Forensic teams have been also dispatched to the area in order to collect more evidence regarding the nature of the blast.

However, Raja Basharat, the Punjab law minister, has his own views about the nature of the blast. He stated that it would be premature to label the blast as a suicide bomb. First, we have to clearly investigate the matter and the reason behind the blast.

Reports also revealed that among the injured ones, the bomber was also present who is taken to the Mayo Hospital for medical aid.

Even Indo-Pak controversies started on social media.

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