Markhor Collection 2019

Deepak and Fahad “Markhor” Collection at Hum Showcase 2019


Deepak and Fahad Collection

The Young designer duo Deepak and Fahad have showcased their ‘Markhor’ Collection, at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019 held in Karachi.

This is certainly the age, where we are constantly worrying about looking like the perfect ones. Under this charm, everybody seeks something that will not only blow up their outer self but inner self as well.

Hareem Farooq was looking stunning as she walked the ramp representing Deepak and Fahad ‘Markhor’ ensemble.

The whole collection has been made for paying tribute to the species who are dying out slowly and their existence is just vanishing from the earth.

They have strived to highlight the epidemic of endangered species, the magnificent winged & horned creatures which make our world beautiful

With this collection, they have used intricate embroidery designs & prints to give a voice to the voiceless creatures and stressed the need to protect, conserve and respect these species.

Let’s stand together to make our world better. Have a look at this amazing collection.
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