Deepak Perwani Royal Rogue Velvet Collection 2020

Deepak Perwani Royal Rogue Velvet Collection 2020


We are surely aware of Deepak Perwani’s stylish and up to date prints. The newest collection by the designer will put another feather in his cap.

Deepak Perwani Royal Rogue Velvet Collection 2020

Being Pakistan’s acclaimed fashion designer, Deepak Perwani has the responsibity of introducing the newest trends and fashion patterns that the world is following these days.

Women across the country appreciate the stuff which carries something new, something extraordinary and alluring to suit them. They are keen to shop from where they got the most of the trends.

The latest collection by Deepak Perwani contains dresses with some elegant embroidered patterns. These patterns are being installed on the velvet which is mostly encouraged during the winter season.

Innovative styles and patterns

With some innovative styles and patterns, he presents his latest collection before the women to enjoy their wedding season with full zeal and zest. Here are some of the articles form his latest collection. Have a look at them,

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