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An interesting name, isn’t it? It is not just the name which is interesting, but the food is interesting and economical as well.

After being freshly introduced in the world of pizzas, Delizza offers quality pizza that you have never experienced before. It is located at Lahore’s defence area in K-block.

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  • Best Ambience
  • Excellent Quality
  • Exceptional Taste
  • Economical

Unlike other restaurants, the joint is not offering an artificial flavor in pizza. Rather they are on a mission to deliver the actual taste and meaning of pizza.

What I have experienced in most of the pizza spots is their hard crust. There are only a few names which can offer a soft and tasty crust and Delizza stands one of them.

I don’t know whether I should tag it with its drawback or not but unfortunately the restaurant is only offering take-away service. It should have a small dine in area to entertain its visitors.

However, there still exists a small waiting room where you can sit and wait for your order. And when it’s ready you can take it with you. Indeed a good concept.


So, what’s in the Menu?

The restaurant is offering scrumptious

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Wings
  • Sandwiches

Let me tell you that it is not only for the foodies but for those people as well who are conscious of their diet. They are always avoiding fast food. But here you have a healthy and mouthwatering menu to make you even more reliable.

They have also introduced their famous tortilla wraps. These wraps are not like the ones served in other restaurants. They are offering not only a different taste but they have changed the name as well. They are calling them Spin rolls which is once again an interesting one.

So, in my opinion, the place could be a heaven for pizza lovers as it is their specialty. You can get a perfect and delicious pizza at quite economical rates at this joint.

You can even enjoy your meal at the cost of only Rs 300 per person.

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