Direct hajj flights from Quetta commence

In a significant development, direct Hajj flights from Quetta have officially kicked off, marking a milestone for pilgrims in the region. Last night, a total of 145 pilgrims embarked on their sacred journey to Medina directly from Quetta.

The initiation of direct Hajj flights from Quetta brings great relief to pilgrims from Balochistan, streamlining their travel experience to the holy land of Hajj.

Quetta International Airport witnessed yet another significant breakthrough as it welcomed the commencement of these special flights.

The PK-747 aircraft, operating on the new Runway Category-II, made a successful first night landing before embarking on its journey to Medina with the 145 Hajj pilgrims onboard.

Prior to this development, PK-6133 and PK-6137 had facilitated the travel of three hundred Hajj pilgrims to Medina.

Previously, pilgrims from Quetta had to undertake the additional leg of their journey to Karachi before heading to the holy land.

Pilots expressed their utmost satisfaction with the new experience of landing on Quetta Airport’s state-of-the-art CAT-II runway during nighttime.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson highlighted the recent upgrades that have made direct flights possible.

Thanks to the recent expansion, the runway now extends over an impressive length of 12,000 feet, allowing for more extensive operations.

The installation of the modern CAT-II airfield lighting system on the new runway guarantees smooth and reliable operations in various weather conditions.

According to the spokesperson, the upgraded amenities at Quetta Airport now allow for the smooth landing of larger aircraft such as the prestigious Boeing 777 and similar models.

The direct Hajj flights from Quetta represents a significant achievement, as it eases the journey for pilgrims from Balochistan.

Published in the Logical Baat, June 5th, 2023.

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