Discover Beyond the Display: Lenovo Unveils the World’s First Transparent Laptop

Lenovo made a notable impact at the MWC 2024 Barcelona event with the introduction of Project Crystal, acclaimed as the leading laptop showcasing a micro-LED screen.While Project Crystal remains a conceptual endeavor and isn’t yet available for purchase, its unveiling showcases cutting-edge technology.

The innovative minds at Lenovo’s ThinkPad team spearhead this groundbreaking laptop, featuring a micro-LED display and employing artificial intelligence (AI) to enable a see-through screen.

This functionality holds potential across various scenarios. For instance, users can flip the display to allow observers on the opposite side to view its contents. Lenovo also envisions its utility in augmented reality (AR) applications, such as object recognition and overlaying diagrams to facilitate troubleshooting.

However, Project Crystal faces certain challenges, such as the touch-based keyboard not replicating the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard. Nevertheless, Lenovo indicates that they’re leveraging AI to enhance its adaptability to individual typing styles. Despite these minor setbacks, Project Crystal primarily aims to showcase groundbreaking display technology.

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