“Discover Dubai’s Parking Rules: Learn About 13 Violations and the Potential Fine of Up to 10,000 Dirhams”

If you’ve ever found yourself facing a parking fine in Dubai and questioned its basis, it’s likely a result of the stringent parking regulations upheld by the Road and Transport Authority. Breaching these regulations can result in fines, underscoring the importance of understanding them to evade unwarranted penalties.

Dubai parking fines listed below, but not exhaustive, subject to change in enforcement criteria:

Description of the violationFine Amount (in Dh)
Use forbidden parking200
Exceeding parking time100
Exceeding maximum parking hours100
Obstruction/Misuse of parking facility200
Vehicle crossing the sidewalk or standing on it200
Non-payment of parking fees, or ticket is not visible150
Parking a vehicle without a plate number1,000
Implementing parking umbrella without a permit1,000
Parking a vehicle in reserved parking, or not showing a permit1,000
Car demonstration for sale or rent on a restricted area1,000
Unauthorized usage of people of determination parking, or using an expired permit, or a permit not clearly visible1,000
Harmed or damaged parking, ticket machines or zone plates1,000
Removing parking, ticket machines or zone plates without a permit10,000

UAE federal traffic laws outline specific fines:

Description of the violationFine Amount (in Dh)Black Points (if applicable)
Parking vehicles on pavements400
Stopping a vehicle in a way that blocks pedestrians’ movement400
Parking without securing the vehicle500
Improper parking500
Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement500
Stopping in the yellow box junction500
Parking in spaces allocated for people with special needs1,0006
Stopping in the middle of the road without a reason1,0006
Parking in front of fire hydrants1,0006
Stopping the vehicle in prohibited areas on the left road shoulder on public roads1,000

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