Do you keep unnecessary medicines at home?


The reason why it is important to periodically review medications that are at home is that they can cause unwanted damage. Keeping only the necessary ones, the chances of risk are reduced.

Medications stored at home:

In every house you can find two types of medicines:

  • Those who are part of a basic kit, such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, stomach protectors, etc …
  • Those who are part of a specific treatment for a certain symptomatology.

Expiration date on the box:

When you buy a medicine, either for a medicine cabinet or for a treatment, keep it in the box of origin and without changing its packaging. Many medications have the expiration date on the box, and it is also advisable to keep them in their original containers to keep them in good condition. Also in this way you will avoid confusing a certain medication with another and thus reduce your health risks.

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The drugs of the first group, the medicine cabinet, have to be checked at least twice a year to verify that the expiration date has not been passed. This expiration date is indicative: pharmaceutical laboratories recognize that, at most, the medicine is in a condition to be used up to 6 months after its expiration date. But we would recommend not to use medicines after the expiration in 2019-2020. The study revealed special reasons in support of this view.

Medicines with expiry date:

In the event that a medication whose expiration date has ended is ingested, the patient is not in great danger except with certain drugs such as nitroglycerin, insulin and some antibiotics. What is really affected by the expiration is the effectiveness of the components of the medicine, which reduce its healing power as time passes.

Self-medication and intoxication:

The drugs of the second group, specific to one treatment, should be discarded as soon as that treatment indicated by a doctor has concluded. In this way, we will reduce the chances of self-medication and intoxication.

Both the drugs of the first group and those of the second are never thrown in the trash, but are discarded taking them to the SIGRE points that are in each pharmacy.

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