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Do You Know 4 vital soccer goalkeeping drills?


Soccer has millions of fans in the world. That is the fact which cannot be denied at any forum. Soccer is one of the famous games of the world. Approximately all the countries of the world play this game. The players of this game have become role models for young generation. If you want to play a game you should know all the rules and other basics of the game.

The importance of Goalkeeping Department:

In soccer players play on different positions of the ground and every player is the best player of its position. But the goalkeeping department is the most important for this game. So the goalkeeper should know different drills in order to make itself perfect of this position. In this article we will discuss 4 basic soccer goalkeeping drills as if the goalkeeper act upon these, it can defend the goal more efficiently. These drills are as under:

Try to Catch the ball with one hand:

If you want to become perfect in the goalkeeping department, then first of all bring a friend or teammate and give him ball. Now goal to your goal and place yourself on goal line. At this moment your friend should be 3 to 4 yards far from you. Now tell your friend to throw the ball left and right side yours one by one.

How to improve the reflexes?

You have to learn as how to anticipate the direction of the ball as your friend will throw the ball on his own choice of the side. When he throws the ball, you should absorb the shoot by keeping your hand relaxed. Your feet should remain square on the ground. This drill will increase your anticipation of the ball as the player kick on the goal and you use only one hand in this drill, in this way it will also increase your reflexes.

Now it’s time to Catch the ball with two hands:

In this second drill bring a friend and tell him to place the ball on the ground. Then you place yourself 5 yards far from the ball and tell your friend to kick hard the ball towards the stomach of your body. The purpose of this drill is to practice catching the ball as the real shoot comes to you and you defend it. You should have in your mind as every time when shoot comes to you your hands shape like W and your fingers slightly smooth in order to keep your hands right behind the ball.

Which drill is liked by Most of the Players?

This drill is liked by different players, who like to play on the position of goalkeeper. In this kind of drill, you practice as how to defend low shoots in the match when the players of the opposite side kick on the goal. First of all, place yourself in the middle of the goal and tell your friend to place the ball 6 yards from you.

When you are ready then give the signal to your friend as shoot the ball low on the right or left side of the goal post of their own choice. While you are doing this drill keep your body relaxed as you should know in a real match you have to defend this kind of goals more than the other types of goal attacks.

How to Catch the high ball in the air?

If you do practice this drill, it will increase you catching the ball in the air ability. Your friend should stand itself on 5 to 10 yards from the corner flag with a ball at his feet. Then you have to place yourself on the goal line of the goal. When you are ready, and then tell your friend to take the ball in the 10 to 18 yards box and kick the ball high on the goal post as you have to dive in the air to defend it.

Then you can tell your friend to do this act from different sides of the ground. You can become perfect to catch the ball in the air as you do practice this drill hard.

These are some Soccer Goalie drills as you do practice them in the field, you can become perfect for the position of goalkeeper in succor. These soccer drills are really helpful to achieve success in the playgrounds and they are also not very difficult practice programs.

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