Dock 27 Restaurant and Bisto

A New Ship like Restaurant in Lahore named “Dock 27 Restaurant and Bisto”


A brand new restaurant “Dock 27 Restaurant and Bisto” has anchored in the heart of Defence, Phase 5. Food lovers are eager enough to experience the seven seas by visiting the restaurant cum ship.

brand new restaurant

A nautical, ship-themed restaurant bringing the best quality food from all over the world is getting popular among the masses because of its unique theme. The newly designed restaurant is a fine dining restaurant. Highly experienced and trained staff is on its way to entice you through its services and flavors. As about the menu, the restaurant claims that their menu is not limited to just one or two cuisines, rather it carries a variety of cuisine to meet its theme.  Well, sound interesting!

ship-themed restaurant

The entire restaurant is, however, a sight to see and also smell. The creative director of the restaurant has explained that the old ship oaks from their furniture can be smelled. Furthermore, they have framed on the walls the round window to give it a ship like a look.

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The monkeys are hanging through the ropes giving it an auspicious glimpse.

hanging monkeys on ropes

Not only the walls and interior, but the table and chairs are also attention seekers towards the past era. By giving a rustic texture to the modern chairs they have given the restaurant an ancient grandeur. The table stands have a small-sized steering wheel attached to their side.

Having read out all the details, I hope you are as excited as I am to visit this restaurant at least once and to taste their unique cuisines too.

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