Doctor spreading HIV+ has been arrested in Larkana

Doctor spreading HIV+ has been arrested in Larkana


Larkana has been considered at the top of the list of those districts which are severely affected by HIV+ in Sindh.

The number of patients suffering from Aids has been increased. The total number of people including children in Larkana has gone up to 2400.

The doctor who was reported to spread HIV+ in his patients has been captured by the Police officials under the charge of infecting many of his patients with HIV+ virus.

The doctor name is Muzaffar Ghangharo and is reported to be an HIV+ patient himself. He has been arrested by the police for dealing the children suffering from HIV+.

Under a suspicion by the Deputy Commissioner Noman Siddiqui, some blood test has been made that eventually went positive. Under the result of these tests, the doctor has been put behind the bars.

Further investigations are under process on the demand of Sindh Aids Control Programme. Dr. Muzaffar is being accused of spreading the HIV+ virus in more than 42 people. It is pertinent to note that Aids is a deadly disease of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

After the inquiry has been made, it becomes clear that most of the children who were diagnosed with HIV+ virus have visited Dr. Muzaffar at his clinic.

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