Dolmen Mall Tariq Road / Tariq Road Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall Tariq Road Karachi

Fashion Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls in Pakistan are getting quite popular among the masses owing to the facilities and the services they provide.

People across the country have been enjoying spending some quality hours with their friends and family while visiting these malls. These shopping malls have ample services to offer to their visitors.

Fashion Brands & Restaurants

There are several fashion brands, restaurants offering delicious food, playland areas for the entertainment of the kids, cinemas to enter into the entertainment industry, and many more.

Pakistan’s biggest cities are very positively promoting the concept of shopping malls. You will witness a list of successful shopping malls in the major cities of Pakistan.

Dolmen Mall Tariq Road Karachi

Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi

Karachi has a list of shopping malls and among them, ‘Dolmen Mall’ is getting a lot of attention from the masses.

Dolmen Mall Opening

Dolmen Mall Tariq road Karachi was established back in 2001.

Dolmen Mall Interior & Ambiance

It is an alluring building having more than 300 outlets in them. Modern interior designs are being used in this mall.

The ambiance of the mall is perfect as well.

Easy and comfortable to visit

The mall is quite easy and comfortable to spend time in it. People from different sections visit shopping malls for many reasons. People tend to shop for their favorite ensembles, grocery items, and other accessories to save time.

Dolmen Mall Fashion Brands

There are several fashion outlets in Dolmen mall for those men and women who want to make no compromise on their grooming. These fashion brands are selling clothes, shoes, accessories, fragrances, and much more.

Dolmen Mall offers the best shopping experience to its visitors.

Dolmen Mall Restaurants

Almost all the famous restaurants in Pakistan have opened a franchise in Dolmen Mall. Who would miss out on the chance to dine in when visiting with friends and family? Probably no one.

In the modern era, food has played an important role in bringing people together. We can see friends planning about dining at a perfect restaurant or families to dine out in order to remove the monotony of life and colleagues to relax while spending hectic hours at work.

So, these restaurants serve a great purpose in combining the people together and Dolmen Mall has not forgotten about it.

Dolmen Mall Services

The management at Dolmen Mall offers a lot of services and facilities to its visitors. They have provided Mother’s room so that moms can easily check up on their infants and change their diapers or clothes.

They have provided extended hours banking facility to the visitors as well. The prayer room facility is also provided by the management.

Moreover, fully air-conditioned drivers’ room is also available in the parking zone to make sure the comfort and easiness of the drivers.

Dolmen Mall Location

While located in the commercial area. This mall is always seen crowded with people.

Dolmen Mall Tariq Road is located at 10 Tariq Rd, Delhi Society Delhi CHS PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh.

Don’t forget to plan your next trip to Dolmen Mall for a rich experience.

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