7 Top Health Benefits

DoYou Eat “Kishmish”? Check 7 Top Health Benefits of Raisins


Kishmish or Raisins as many of us know it, is filled with healthy nutrition and adding it to your daily diet have many health benefits. However, in general, it is used to decorate desserts or sweet dishes.

These small packets of nutrients may give a rough or dry look, but in reality it contains rich minerals and nutrients which can improve your health.

Benefits of Kishmish: 

  1. Improving your Eyesight

 Kishmish or Raisins, which in real is dried grapes, are filled with a richness of polyphenolic phytonutrients. These are natural chemicals which play an important role in curbing antioxidants which are prone to weaken one’s eye sight.

The carotenoids and Vitamin A are also present in raisins, in turn will fight colour-blindness. Are you Struggling with your eyesight or someone in the family? Tell them how raisins can assist them with this issue?

  1. Assisting in curing Anaemia 

Raisins are a great source of iron and vitamin B-complex which are essential for forming and increasing our red blood cells. It can be a great advantage for boys and women going through the growth-surge to add raisins to their daily diet.

  1. An aid against Constipation 

The fibre found in raisins is irresolvable and where water is present, it will swell out which will be an aid against constipation due to its laxative affect.

  1. Helps to prevent Cancer

The natural chemicals (polyphenolic phytonutrients) present in raisins will ensnare the free radicals, which stimulate the metastasis leading to the abnormal growing of cells and kill them. This will help to prevent cancer.

  1. During Pregnancy 

The capability of Raisins to assist in healthy eye sight and strong bones are vital for women during their pregnancy. It will help to form stronger bones and better eye sight for the baby.

Kishmish or dried grapes contains a large content of glucose which distributes high levels energy. It is recommended that pregnant women should take it on a regular basis because it also assists to absorb vitamins. During pregnancy the immune system tends to weaken; eating raisins will help to enhance your immune system.

  1. Diminishing Dental Problems 

Where oral cavity is concerned Porphyromonas Gingivalis and Streptococcus Mutans are the most general bacteria. These bacteria lead to bleeding and swelling of gums and dental cavities. The anti-bacterial properties present in raisins will help to combat these micro-organisms.

Calcium is also present in raisins which aid in strengthening the enamel of the teeth. Actually when you are eating these dried grapes, it is good when it stuck to your teeth for a longer period. Longer contact of Oleanolic-acid to your teeth will increase the protective abilities against the growth of bacteria.

Besides the role raisins play to sustain ones bone health and as treatment for osteoporosis, boron found in dried grapes will promote strong teeth while it curbs the growing of oral bacteria.

  1. Makes Strong Bones

 Nutrients which our bodies require in small quantities are called micro nutrients. Boron is such a micro nutrient and is vital to absorb calcium. Although many people drink milk and take other calcium products in adequate quantities, the calcium are not absorbed in a proper manner. This can be named as one of the reasons why many people often have deficient levels of calcium. Taking raisins together with milk every day will make it easy for the body to absorb calcium.

We believe that adding raisins or kishmish to your daily diet will enable you to acquire a lot of health benefits.


This article’s data is for information only, any individual facing any medical hazard may follow it after consultation with the doctor.

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