Dr. Firdous Awan Bilawal political film

Dr. Firdous Awan claimed that the ‘Political film’ of Bilawal flopped before release


Islamabad: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has something to say about Bilawal. She claimed on Tuesday that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s ‘political film’ has flopped even before its release.

After responding to a tweet of Bilawal, she remarked that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was facing extinction even in Sindh and such hue and cry could not keep the dying politics of the party alive for long.

She said that Imran Khan in Tehran is dealing with the financial and economic cooperation among the states but what the Opposition is doing? The Opposition is trying to use it for political point scoring which is highly regrettable.

Alluding to the corruption and money laundering of Asif Zardari and his cronies, she reminded Bilawal that he got educated in Oxford on the money looted from the poor people of Pakistan after saying that “When a person gets admission in Oxford University on money looted from national exchequer, he could not see the corruption of his father, aunts, and uncles.”

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